At first, this may seem like a simple question with a simple answer:

  • "It's what I hear on the radio"
  • "It's the soundtrack to a movie."
  • "It's the sounds I make when I play my instrument."
  • "It's the notes on the staff."

It's true all these answers are describing music or aspects of how to read or communicate music, but we still haven't answered the question: what is music?  How do we find exactly how to put into words this amazing phenomenon we call music?  Here is what we found:

Wow, what an amazing definition! Music is even beautiful when being defined in words. But how do we make these words into the phenomenon we call music?  At Modern Day Music, it is our job to help you figure that out. 

Now, the first part of our definition states that music is "the poetry of human expression".  We strongly believe that every person already has the music within them that they want to express!  The individual emotion that goes into each song or composition is the very essence of what makes music so wonderful and unique.  Where we come in is finding a conduit for you to express yourself.  We mean musical instruments, of course!  Modern Day Music carries only instruments and accessories that have the quality to accomodate and even enhance your creative expression.  As life-long musicians ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to work with inferior instruments and accesories.  We can help guide you to choose the combination that is right for you.  Of course,
as anyone who has owned a car knows, something that is used on a daily basis will need regular maintenance and even repair to keep it functioning at peak condition.  A musical instrument is no different.  Fortunately, at Modern Day Music, we have experienced repair staff ready to help.  We will work with you to be sure your instrument is always performing up to its potential. 

OK, what about "through sound in time"?  Throughout the day, we hear sounds at different times: the alarm clock waking you up, cars honking on your way to and from work or school, the distant sound of children playing.  But these sounds are not music; these are noises, and easily ignored.  Music makes you stop and listen, smile, and reflect on the wonder of life.  To create this requires intonation (the right sound) and rhythm (the right time).  And teaching you that is a job for our wonderful teachers.  Learning the techniques for your particular instrument is crucial in the journey to expressing yourself through music.  We choose only the finest teachers who are also talented musicians.  No matter what level you currently play at, our teachers can help you achieve a greater understanding of how to play, read, write, and practice music.  But our teachers can't do this on their own!  All great artists- from musicians to writers, painters, sculptors, and dancers- have a foundation in and respect for those that came before them.  To evolve in any art, one must study the techniques of others.  Therefore, we will also carry a selection of method books and solo repertoire from the most respected musicians and composers. 

Modern Day Music will bring new opportunities to musicians of all ages, experience, and musical tastes.  From instruments and accessories, to repairs and maintenance, to teachers and sheet music, we will fulfill the musical needs for our community.