We carry Alvarez, Washburn, and Tanglewood acoustic guitars; Jay Turser, Washburn, and Michael Kelly electric guitars and basses; and Kustom amplifiers.  We have a hand-selected assortment of fine violins, violas, and cellos and their bows from a number of makers.  We also carry a variety of used band instruments and can special-order most brands of new band instruments.  Please feel free to call us to check on our current selection.  Below are pictured the high-end new and used instruments we currently have available.  Check back often for new listings!

Many thanks to Paul Haataja of Fuzzy Fotography for taking many of the photgraphs you see here.  (All of the good ones!)

Guitars & Fretted Instruments

Conrad Jackson
Electric 5-String Mandolin
Ranier Mandolin
Conrad Jackson
Electric 5-String Mandolin
Conrad Jackson
Handmade Electric Guitar

Violins, Violas, and Cellos (oh my!)

2010 Emily Kellerman Violin

Woodwinds & Brass

Thibouville Clarinet
Noblet Clarinet