Conn Trombone $1,250

1970 88H #N37141

Conn has had a reputation for excellence and innovation in band instruments since it was founded in 1875.  The 88H trombone is no exception and has been considered the classic large bore symphonic trombone since it was designed.  It has a 8.5" rose brass bell, a .547" slide, and an F rotary attachment.  This model has been called "the finest Bb-F large bore tenor trombone made, anywhere."  It has been played by Emory Remington, Jim Miller, Loren Marsteller, Ron Minor, and many others.  More information can be found at ConnSelmer's website.

As far as this particular trombone goes, it was obviously well-loved and taken care of.  Our band tech, Jacob Johnson, did a few minor repairs to get into perfect playing condition.  There are only a few minor scratches and the slide moves smoothly.  It has a warm, mellow sound with great projection.