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And the winner is...

Posted by admin on August 4, 2011

The Stradivari "Viotti" 1709 violin!!

Thanks to all of you who voted at our Grand Opening Celebration and on the website.  The "Viotti" violin won by a landslide:

1st place: Stradivari "Viotti" 1709 with 12 votes

2nd place: tie between Stradivari "Kruse" 1721 & Matteo Goffriller 1700 with 6 votes each

3rd place: Nicolo Amati 1666 with 5 votes

4th place: G.B. Rogeri 1704 with 2 votes


viotti_poster.jpgThose of you that I talked with all agreed that it was the beautiful one-piece flamed back and vivid red varnish that won you over on the "Viotti".  So I guess I'd better start looking through my tonewood to see if I can find something worthy.


In the meantime, I will begin to draft up the templates and mold for the rib structure.  Stop by in the next few weeks to check on my progress.