Let the Music Play!


We have an affordable instrument rental program for all band and orchestra instruments.  We understand how important it is for your instrument to work with you, not against you.  That's why we offer only high-quality instruments properly adjusted by trained repairmen.  Instrument rentals start as low as $22 per month.


Orchestra Instrument Rentals

Our orchestra instruments are maintained by our resident luthier, Emily Kellerman.  All our violins, violas, and cellos are set up to play their best.  These instruments are perfect for you school orchestra program or community orchestra.  For more info, call (651) 330-6716 or email us at info@moderndaymusic.net.

Rent your orchestra instrument online HERE.


Band Instrument Rentals

We are pleased to offer our school band instrument rental program powered by the National Educational Music Company (NEMC), a national company with over 50 years of experience in musical instrument rentals.  Through this program, we are able to provide the benefit of personalized service located right in your community, and access to the largest inventory of teacher-approved, quality musical instruments in new or like-new condition such as: trumpet, clarinet, trombone, French horn, euphonium (baritone), flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and percussion (snare and/or bell).

Rental Information and Options HERE

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