Emily Kellerman, Violinmaker and Restorer

Emily has been making and repairing violin family instruments for over ten years.  After deciding to become a luthier at age 16, she set about finding the best path to fulfill her dreams.  She graduated from the Violin Repair course at Minnesota State College- Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN, and from the Violin Making and Restoration course at North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA.  Following that, Emily apprenticed with award-winning violinmaker William Scott for six years.

Emily's experience has taught her to respect the genius of Andreas Amati, the creator of the violin. The first violins were built in the early 1500s, and not much has changed in the intervening 510 years. When working on an instrument, it is important to remember that each adjustment can affect more than one aspect of the instrument's proportions. Everything must be aligned correctly for the instrument to sound at its best. Since violin-family instruments are made of wood, which can change over time and even from season to season, a conscientious approach is a must.

Please keep in mind that each instrument is unique and must be considered on an individual basis.  If you have an instrument that needs attention, bring it in- estimates are always free!