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Peg Problems

This is the final part in my series on violin pegs. In this section, I cover what can go wrong with pegs and how to fix it.
In Conclusion Many players, myself included before I became a violinmaker, struggle with their pegs.  You shouldn't.  Pegs should turn smoothly and stick where you put t…

The Physics of Pegs

This is Part II in my series about violin pegs. This part discusses the forces of physics behind a properly working peg.
This is Part II of my three-part series on how a violin peg works.  This section covers the physical forces at work on the peg. *Understanding how normal force relates to fr…

All About Pegs

Many musicians struggle with tuning and improperly fitted pegs. A little physics will help explain how pegs should work, and what to do if they don't.
Many string players struggle with stuck or slipping pegs.  I thought a quick physics lesson would explain how pegs work, and what can be done to fix them.  However, physi…