Musical Instrument and Accesories:

At Modern Day Music, we only carry products hand-selected to provide the best quality for our customers. We personally test all of our instruments to be sure they meet our standards before displaying them on the retail floor. We also have a full selection of accessories, ranging from strings and reeds to band and orchestra instrument maintenance supplies. For school band and orchestra students, we have all of the method books used by the area music directors. We have also consulted with many of the local music teachers to carry the private lesson books they recommend for their students. If you are looking for that one piece that keeps running through your head and you just have to learn, stop by to check out our popular music selection.

Having worked in the music business for over 15 years, we are very discerning when choosing the products we offer.  We carry a wide range of brands, including:

  • James Neligan, Washburn, Michael KellyAlvarez, and Tanglewood guitars
  • Kustom, Roland, and Line 6 amps
  • Boss and MXR effects pedals
  • handcrafted violins, violas and cellos by Emily Kellerman
  • strings by D'Addario, Martin, John Pearse, Ernie Ball, Elixer, Thomastik, and Pirastro
  • Rico, Rico Royal, and Vandoren reeds
  • Pro Mark and Vic Firth drum sticks, brushes, and mallets
  • a wide range of sheet music and method books for all instruments
  • and a whole lot more!

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.  We'd be happy to special order it for you today!

Music Lessons:

We have well-rounded, highly educated and experienced teacers offering private lessons at our store on guitar, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.  Check out our teacher bios !

Instrument Rentals:

We have an affordable instrument rental program for band and orchestra instruments.  Our rentals are all high-quality instruments individually adjusted and maintained by our expert repair staff.  We understand how important it is for your instrument to work with you, not against you.  These instruments are perfect for you school orchestra program or community orchestra.

Instrument Repair:

In our open-view instrument repair and making workshop, you will find luthiers Joe and Emily Kellerman repairing and making  stringed instruments.  We approach all of our repairs with the highest standards and work with the musician to fine tune their instrument's sound to their preference.  We understand how hard it is for a musician to be away from their instrument, and make prompt repairs our top priority.